Medicare is extremely confusing...

even for experienced agents.

You want to grow your book of business, but you're having trouble with generating leads, marketing, and closing sales. The Medicare world is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep up.

We help agents get in front of more beneficiaries.

With our training, you'll be able to feel confident and accomplish:

  • Explaining Medicare in a simple and comprehensive way to your clients

  • Learn Upfront Selling and how it will help you to close sales faster and more efficiently

  • Marketing yourself and your products clearly, which will ultimately land your better qualified leads

Meet Your Instructor


Kelby Hightower

Kelby has been in the Medicare industry for over 14 years. As the founder of MedicareHub, he's seen it all - and wants to share the lessons he's learned with you! He knows what agents like yourself are looking for, because he's been there. That's why we created MedicareHub Online University, to help you overcome obstacles and be the best agent you can be!